Vietnam Fireworks Team
Danang Fireworks Team
Founded in August 2008, the Da Nang - Vietnam team is the first representative of Vietnam to participate in international fireworks competitions. The team is equipped with modern facilities of international standards.
Team members have been participating in overseas training courses and regular enhancement courses to improve their fireworks display skills. Although the team has a limited history of participating in international competitions, the team has been able to bring to domestic and foreign audiences colorful and splendid fireworks displays. The team members are proud of being able to continuously represent the host city of Da Nang to attend the 10th Danang International Fireworks Festival.
Polish Fireworks Team
We operate under a license issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Warsaw in 1989, and since 1993 we have operated as a family company. Initially, as importers of both arms, ammunition and fireworks, we handled their distribution, until we finally focused on the professional import of fireworks.
Since 1995, we have expanded our range of activities to include fireworks shows as well as laser combinations. It includes the design, organization and implementation of unique solutions for fireworks. We handle fireworks equipment both on stage, indoors and outdoors, day and night. What sets us apart in the market is our selection of not only publicly available pyrotechnic items, but also their own imports from China, Italy, Germany and Spain which have a wide variety of individual varieties. . The Italian radio electronic control system and the appropriate selection of pyrotechnic effects, combined with the music, allow for a performance not limited to "raw" firing or row presentation. pyrotechnics that would be an artistic spectacle.
USA Fireworks Team
For over 125 years, Rozzi Fireworks has firmly established itself as one of the leading companies in the fireworks display industry. Their focus on creativity and passion for their work has earned Rozzi Fireworks recognition for award-winning firework displays around the world. Today, Rozzi Fireworks has produced and executed over 300 firework displays from Cincinnati to every corner of the globe.
Germany Fireworks Team
Fireworks Team PYROGENIE
Pyrogenie Feuerwerk GmbH is a Berlin-based fireworks manufacturer and distributor that was founded in 2016. The company specializes in high-quality fireworks and show design, and also imports and sells pyrotechnical products for professional use.
Pyrogenie Feuerwerk GmbH's managing director, Ingo Schubert, has worked in pyrotechnics domestically since 2005 and internationally since 2008. The company has produced products for clients in Germany, Austria, Italy, and China. Pyrogenie Feuerwerk GmbH also creates its own indoor and outdoor shows, and aims to incorporate creativity and aesthetics into their work.
French Fireworks Team
Fireworks Team ARTEVENTIA
Born from the minds of two technical experts and art directors of pyrotechnics, Art Eventia designs fireworks and multidisciplinary performances in France and internationally. The love for reinventing these epic fireworks shows grew over the years until our company was born. Our approach is not only based on creativity but also on safety, research and development and selection of the best products. In addition, we have chosen to focus on the texture quality of the fireworks by choosing high quality European products.<br>
Fireworks have many facets. Eventia art carries the breath of cannon culture, the culture of Latin rhythms with an added 'French Touch'. Honestly, writing or composing a fireworks display is an art. An art practiced for hundreds of years and always causing noise from the crowd. Fireworks show is the best way to share the joy and celebration. Fireworks are an extraordinary way to bring people together and let emotions free. It's an amazing, magical moment to share without moderation.
Finnish Fireworks Team
Joho Pyro was founded in 2004 by Johan Hollander, who has been working in the field of pyrotechnics professionally since 2000. His interest in fireworks was sparked in the early years of his life by a desire to master this explosive art form. Joho Pyro continues to grow and expand its business.
We design a variety of custom shells and shells for use by ourselves and other professional clients in Finland and abroad.
Through his expertise and indigenous Alandic entrepreneurial spirit, Joho Pyro has established himself as one of the best in the field. The big break came when Joho Pyro won the 2006 Finnish Fireworks Championship. In total, they participated 5 times.
The second was in 2007 when they were awarded second place by the smallest margin possible to the winners, only to regain first place in 2008. The next milestone was when Joho Pyro finished second in the World Championship of Musical Fireworks, Pyronale 2011 and then went on to win first prize in the international competition Warsaw International Fireworks Festival in Poland, 2015.
Italian Fireworks Team
Fireworks Team MARtarELLO GROUP
The Martarello Fireworks Company was founded in 1921 in Arqua Polesine, near Rovigo. Initially, the company only produced handmade fireworks, but quickly became one of the largest fireworks manufacturers in the world. During the 90s, the entire artistic and professional legacy was acquired by Ermes and Vincenzo Martarello. The company has now become one of the most famous in its field. Thanks to nearly a hundred years of experience, the Martarello family is today able to offer its customers quality service, competence and security, along with the best tradition of fireworks.
The Martarello Group specializes in the importation of high-quality consumer and display goods, wholesale and retail business and distribution and above all in the design, planning and execution of outstanding events. and fireworks, catering to large private and public events.
China Fireworks Team
Liuyang Jingduan New-art Display Co., Ltd is a collaboration between Jingduan Technology and New-art Pyrotechnics, and is one of the leading companies in China. Jingduan Technology is a renowned manufacturer of fireworks display equipment in China. Their equipment is widely used by many professional fireworks display companies around the world, such as in the United States, Thailand, Dubai, etc.