Revealing the top performances on the Opening night of DIFF 2024

Revealing the top performances on the Opening night of DIFF 2024

Officially taking place on the evening of June 8, the opening night of the Danang International Fireworks Festival DIFF 2024 will open with a top-notch art performance on water for the first time in Da Nang, with the participation of faces of top famous singers in Vietnam.

Kick off the party with a world-class performance of “riding the wind and turning the waves”

The most anticipated and unprecedented performance in previous DIFF seasons on the opening night of DIFF 2024 is the Jetski & Flyboards sports art show. A skillful combination of dances on the water, in the air, and extreme sports performances combined with fireworks, the show is performed by the world’s Top 1 Jetski and Flyboards athletes, famous for their aerobatic skills in the air.

The ultimate art performance of Jetski and Flyboards is a special highlight of DIFF 2024

According to information from the Organizing Committee, this top performance was performed by the famous Australian producer H2O. This is the world’s leading producer of water shows combined with fireworks, with more than 30 years of experience organizing shows at dozens of theme parks in the US, Australia, China… and has experience in making working in blockbuster movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible. The presence of this surprising performance promises to create a completely different highlight of DIFF 2024.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Binh – Chairman of Sun Group Central Region – the unit accompanying Da Nang City to organize DIFF 2024, currently all preparations for the top performances on the opening night are being rushed. withdraw implementation, from building stands, making stages, transporting artillery warehouses, to plans for gathering Jetski and Flyboards on the Han River.

Hundreds of our employees are continuously working with contractors, construction units, and security so that the preparation and construction stages are done most thoroughly, both on schedule and ensuring safety. ensure safety, as well as ensure quality to bring a satisfying opening night to the audience” – Mr. Binh said.

The presence of top Vietnamese singers

The meticulously invested special art program is always a special highlight of DIFF nights. This year’s opening night, DIFF 2024 will explode with an extremely vibrant art program, with the participation of many famous singers such as singer Tung Duong with the title Divo of the Vietnamese music industry, or Trang Phap – Ms. The girl has just excelled and become the champion of “Beautiful sister riding the wind and waves 2023″…

The Opening night of DIFF 2024 promises to bring an explosive performance

Majestic songs about a proud Vietnam and a beautiful Da Nang, or immortal love songs from France in the art program will open the dramatic night of competition between two ArtEventia teams from France and The home team Da Nang represents Vietnam.

In particular, the art program will be performed on a stage with larger investment and improved modern technology than in 2023, 20% larger than in 2023. The stage is designed with inspiration. creative hands to convey the message of a peaceful and humane world in accordance with the theme of DIFF 2024: MADE IN UNITY: Global connection, Radiance on five continents”.

The DIFF 2024 stage is invested on a large scale and improved with more modern performance technology than in 2023

According to information from the Organizing Committee, after 1 month of construction, the main items of the DIFF stage have been completed and the viewing angles have been tested to match the original design. In particular, “This year’s grandstand is designed according to new standards to not only ensure the highest safe load-bearing part for the audience, but also so that every view of the stage is equal and very beautiful” – Mr. Tran Xuan Hung – Head of the Construction Subcommittee of DIFF 2024 said.

The confrontation between the host and the defending champion DIFF 2023

With the theme “Unique Culture”, the encounter between ArtEventia from France and the host team Da Nang on the opening night of DIFF 2024 promises a dramatic “firefight”.

ArtEventia is the youngest defending champion at DIFF with a series of consecutive victories at prestigious fireworks competitions such as: DIFF 2023 Champion; Champion of the Knokke-Heist International Fireworks Festival (Belgium) 2022; First place at Szczecin International Fireworks Festival (Poland) 2019… Created by two technical experts and fireworks show directors, Arteventia’s light show brings the breath of fire culture and Latin culture combined combined with a very typical French impression.

Defending champion France will bring “Dance of the Dragon” on the opening night of DIFF 2024

According to a representative of the ArtEventia team, France’s performance on the opening night will be called “Dance of the Dragon”. “ The inspiration for this performance comes from the image of a legendary, majestic and sparkling dragon. From the dragon’s mouth, colors and emotions will erupt for us to receive love, joy, health and courage to face the many difficulties of life. Through colors, effects and music, we want to touch your hearts. You will see, our performance is strong but also very gentle and delicate” – shared Mr. Edouard Gregoire – Artistic Director of ArtEventia.

The home team Vietnam will perform “Dance of the Sky” to open this year’s Han River Fireworks Festival

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese representative with the “home field” advantage and extensive experience through DIFF seasons has prepared an extremely elaborate light show scenario, with a “symphony” of more than 4,000 fireworks. types combined with hundreds of different color effects. “Dance of the sky” is the theme of the Da Nang international fireworks team at the DIFF 2024 festival. The 3-part script is a combination of gentle, fresh melodies, evoking emotions with vibrant sounds. , modern as an invitation for tourists to come to Vietnam” – said a representative of the Da Nang team.

Taking place on the evening of June 8, the Opening Night is said to be the most worth-watching night of the 2024 DIFF season. Currently, the online ticket portal ( is still open with prices ranging from 800,000 VND to 3,000,000 VND according to 5 categories of stands. Especially for Vietnamese tourists, Combo All in One (including 01 DIFF ticket, 01 cable car ticket to Ba Na and 01 buffet lunch) costs only from 1,750,000 VND for adults and 1,500,000 VND for adults. children.


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