Da Nang Downtown Unveils New Summer Activities: Exciting Summer Awaits

Da Nang Downtown Unveils New Summer Activities: Exciting Summer Awaits

Da Nang Downtown is elevating your summer experience with a myriad of unique activities making their debut in this coastal city. Discover an array of exhilarating new experiences at Da Nang’s premier entertainment complex.

Immerse Yourself in Spectacular Art Performances

Jetski & Flyboards show: “Awaken River” & “Symphony of River”

This year, all eyes are on Da Nang Downtown for the debut of two world-class spectacular Jetski & Flyboards shows, “Awaken River” and “Symphony of River.”

Top athletes from around the world are gathering at Da Nang Downtown to prepare for these special performances

“Awaken River” combines extreme water sports with artistic performances, featuring Jetski and Flyboard stunts by top athletes from Australia, Russia, Poland, South Korea, and more. Get ready to be captivated by dynamic movements set to inspiring music, enjoying scenes as grand as a Hollywood blockbuster.

Exceeding all your expectations of a water show, “Symphony of River” uniquely blends various performance arts. Under a general theme, circus acts and breathtaking acrobatics will merge with dazzling fireworks, promising thrilling and euphoric moments.

The highlight of the show is the integration of classical music within this vibrant spectacle. Symphonies typically confined to concert halls will be interwoven with the energetic and exhilarating performance, creating a unique and mesmerizing experience that will keep the audience engaged throughout the 60-minute show.

Vietnamese Puppetry Show

Amidst the lively and vibrant summer at Da Nang Downtown, the traditional folk art show, Vietnamese Puppetry, offers a serene and nostalgic retreat for those who cherish cultural heritage. Drawing from folklore materials, the show beautifully conveys the essence of Vietnamese culture through water puppetry and marionettes.

International visitors are also deeply fascinated by this traditional Vietnamese performance art

In the cozy ambiance of the Au O Theater, which seats over 600, captivating performances like “Song long hi thuy”, “Duyen dang Quai thao”, “Harvest season Stories” or “Spiritual Dance” highlight the beauty of Vietnamese culture, preserving and honoring the heritage passed down through generations.

“Night Adventure” Show

The vibrant summer atmosphere at Da Nang Downtown will reach a new level with “Night Adventure.” This show features modern dance steps blending various styles and genres, taking the audience through iconic cultural milestones in world music, from the pinnacle of Pop and Jazz Pop to the flourishing era of Blue Jazz.

Visitors immerse themselves in captivating performances

Get ready to be enthralled by skillful and captivating dance moves on a grand stage, enjoying the fresh, passionate, and vibrant atmosphere the show brings. Leave your worries behind and join “Night Adventure” this summer to connect with fellow music lovers, fully embracing music, love, and life.

Endless Fun Tour

Vui-Fest Da Nang

Non-stop fun keeps Da Nang Downtown always buzzing

A brand-new experience has officially debuted in Da Nang this summer. Explore this unique model featuring over 100 stalls offering a variety of culinary delights from East to West, regional specialties, souvenirs, and handmade gifts for visitors to choose from.

What makes Vui-Fest special is the diversity of street food stalls, meticulously crafted in both appearance and flavor. Additionally, creatively designed dishes and the latest trending food will also be available here. Come and “recharge” with delicious food and quench your thirst with refreshing drinks to continue your journey exploring Da Nang Downtown.

Thrill with indoor and outdoor Amusement Games

In addition to the brand-new events, the popular indoor and outdoor amusement games continue to delight visitors. Don’t miss the experience at Sun Wheel – one of the top 10 tallest Ferris wheels in the world, Queen Cobra – the largest suspended roller coaster in Vietnam, Flying Kirins – the pirate ship ride everyone must try, or the exciting Festival Carousel.

Exciting amusement games are a must-try when visiting Da Nang Downtown

A thrilling Da Nang Downtown is ready to welcome visitors this summer. Come and experience the excitement all day long with the unique attractions at this top entertainment complex.

Opening hours: 15:00 – late night daily
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Website: sunworld.vn
Book game tickets online: https://ticket.sunworld.vn/

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