Meet the 8 Teams at DIFF 2024: A Gathering of the Best

Meet the 8 Teams at DIFF 2024: A Gathering of the Best

Eight of the world’s most talented fireworks teams, representing 8 different countries, have gathered at the Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2024, ready for a season of explosive performances over Da Nang’s sky. As the opening approaches, let’s meet the teams and admire their impressive track records.

Host Nation Vietnam – Aspiring for glory

The Da Nang International Fireworks Team has represented Vietnam for 12 consecutive years at DIFF. For the 2024 season, the host team will present a performance titled “Dance of the Sky,” conveying a message of love that transcends all borders, deeply touching the hearts and souls of every individual.

With their performance, Vietnam’s team aims not only to create a breathtaking visual spectacle but also to paint a picture of a world united in peace and shared humanity, leading viewers through a range of emotions. Through the language of fireworks, the team hopes to leave both domestic and international audiences with fond memories of Da Nang as a beautiful and hospitable city. Alongside the defending champion France, Vietnam will kick off DIFF 2024 on June 8th.

Defending Champion of DIFF 2023 – France

The Arteventia Fireworks Team will once again represent France at DIFF 2024. Since its inception, Arteventia has consistently created diverse performances, leaving a significant mark in numerous countries worldwide. They skillfully blend the fiery spirit of Latin rhythms with a distinctive “French touch,” transforming each show into a unique piece of art.

The French representative expressed their love for the coastal city of Da Nang after participating in DIFF last year

At DIFF 2024, the reigning champions Arteventia will bring a performance titled “Dance of the Dragon,” inspired by the image of a legendary, majestic, and glittering dragon. From the dragon’s mouth, colors and emotions will erupt, allowing us to embrace love, joy, health, and the courage to face life’s challenges.

Other notable achievements of Team Arteventia

  • 2022: Knokke-Heist International Fireworks Festival, Knokke-Heist, Belgium – 1st Place
  • 2019: Szczecin International Festival of Fireworks, Szczecin, Poland – 1st Place
  • 2019: Fire up the Night Festival, Cincinnati, USA – 1st Place
  • 2016: Festival D’art Pyrotechnique, Cannes, France – 2nd Place

Runner-Up of DIFF 2023 – Italy

Familiar friends, the Martarello Fireworks Company, will represent the beautiful country of Italy at DIFF 2024. Not only are they one of the most famous fireworks companies, known for their spectacular large-scale displays, but they are also considered the most successful team at DIFF. They have claimed the championship title twice in a row in 2017 and 2018, along with being the runner-up in 2023.

The Martarello Group will embark on a journey to reclaim the “golden throne” after missing out on it last year

In this 12th season, Martarello Fireworks presents their performance: “Radiant Cosmos: A Symphony of Light.” Inspired by the endless hues of nature under the sun, the Italian team will recreate this majestic scene in the sky of Da Nang. The music accompanying the performance will blend the harsh sounds of the wild with the gentle flow of the river, connecting the sky with the earth and humans with the natural world around them.

Other notable achievements of Team Martarello

  • 2019: Liuyang International Fireworks Conference, Liuyang, China – 1st Place
  • 2018: Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF), Vietnam – 1st Place
  • 2017: Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF), Vietnam – 1st Place
  • 2015: Pyronale, Berlin, Germany – 1st Place
  • 2015: Samobor International Festival Days of Fireworks, Samobor Croatia – 1st Place

“The new breeze” – USA

Hailing from the land of the stars and stripes, Rozzi Fireworks is the new name gracing the sky of Da Nang this year. With over 130 years of experience, the USA representative has quickly asserted its leadership position in the international fireworks arena. They have successfully organized numerous performances across the globe, while also remarkably clinching a series of awards at major festivals worldwide.

The USA team is one of the formidable contenders at DIFF 2024

In their debut at Da Nang, Rozzi Fireworks’ performance will revolve around the theme of Humanity, encompassing visually captivating scenes of sound and light. There, myriad colors will blend and merge, showcasing harmonious coexistence among different cultures, conveying a message of unity and optimism to the audience. Alongside Italy, the USA representative will perform on Night 02 of DIFF 2024.

Other notable achievements of Team Martarello

  • 2023: Montreal International Fireworks Competition, Montreal Canada – 2nd Place
  • 2019: Seafire Competition at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia – 1st Place
  • 2018: Malta International Fireworks Festival, Gozo Malta – 1st Place
  • 2017: Knokke-Heist International Fireworks Festival, Knokke-Heist Belgium – 2nd Place
  • 2015: World Fireworks Championship, Blackpool United Kingdom – 1st Place

Poland – Contender for the Championship

Looking at the track record of Surex Firma Rodzinna – representing Poland – at international fireworks festivals, they are undoubtedly a strong contender for the championship title at DIFF 2024. Over the course of 6 years, from 2012 to 2017, they consistently secured the top spot in various competitions, even clinching the championship 3 times in the same year. The name Surex Firma Rodzinna has long been associated with golden awards, successfully winning the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Surex Firma Rodzinna currently boasts the most impressive track record among the 8 teams

For the Polish representatives, the art of fireworks is not just about creating spectacular audiovisual performances, but also about building connections and relationships with people from around the globe. At DIFF 2024, they will present “ALL IN – Legend of Dragon,” inspired by the iconic Dragon Bridge of Danang, narrating a journey to find true joy – music and the dazzling colors of fireworks.

Other notable achievements of Surex Firma Rodzinna

  • 2022: Hannover International Fireworks Festival, Hannover Germany – 1st Place
  • 2017: Madeira International Fireworks Competition, Madeira Portugal – 1st Place
  • 2016: Zagreb International Festival of Fireworks, Zagreb Croatia – 1st Place
  • 2015: Festival D’Art Pyrotechnique, Cannes France – 1st Place
  • 2015: Liuyang International Music Fireworks Competition, Liuyang China – 1st Place

Team China – From equipment manufacturer to promising fireworks team

The skillful blend of tradition and modernity techniques makes the team’s performance become unique

In addition to the host country Vietnam, Liuyang Jingduan New-art Display Co is the only Asian representative at DIFF 2024. Originating as a leading enterprise in the manufacturing of fireworks display equipment, they have gradually ventured into the performance field, quickly establishing their name through the seamless combination of traditional and modern techniques of their homeland.

At DIFF 2024, the Chinese representative presents: “Summer Song,” designed with entirely new materials of “traditional embroidery,” promising to weave magical colors across the sky of Da Nang. Through this, the team aims to convey the image of a passionate China, recreating the unique beauty of their homeland and defining a happy life for the audience.

International competitions of Liuyang Jingduan New-art Display Co

  • 2023: Petrovsky Fire Festival, St. Petersburg Russia
  • 2022: Rostec International Fireworks Festival, Moscow Russia
  • 2020: Pattaya Fireworks Festival, Pattaya Thailand
  • 2017: Liuyang International Firework Festival, Liuyang China
  • 2013: Liuyang International Firework Festival, Liuyang China

The Promising Newcomer – Germany

Among the names appearing at DIFF this year, Pyrogenie Feuerwerk GmbH is perhaps the youngest in years of experience. Nevertheless, the representative of Germany has quickly made an impression on global audiences with high standards of quality in fireworks production and show design, along with meticulous attention to color combinations and effects at various levels.

Despite being relatively new, Pyrogenie has quickly established its reputation on the international stage

This June, Pyrogenie brings a captivating journey with the theme “Divine Love” to DIFF 2024. Through a blend of sound and light, the German representative will immerse the audience in different stages of love, from the initial excitement to passionate feelings, even through conflict, sorrow, before concluding with deeply moving moments.

Other notable achievements of Pyrogenie

  • 2023: Masters de Feu, Paris, France – 1st Place
  • 2023: San Fermin International Fireworks Competition, Pamplona, Spain – 1st Place
  • 2019: Saint Brevin International Fireworks Competition, Saint Brevin les Pins, France – 1st Place
  • 2019: Potsdam Fireworks Symphony, Potsdam, Germany – 1st Place

Finland – A Familiar Face at International Fireworks Festivals

Besides DIFF, Joho Pyro Professional Fireworks AB is a “regular guest” at many major fireworks festivals and competitions worldwide. Founded by a passionate soul for fireworks, the Finnish representative has continuously grown and expanded, becoming a pioneering force in the field. Previously, the team was the Champion of DIFF 2019.

The Finnish representatives have hinted that they will bring many surprises to their performance at the upcoming DIFF

For the 2024 festival season, Joho Pyro presents the performance: “A Million Dreams”, promising to be their greatest show in Asia. Here, Joho Pyro will showcase their strengths – orchestrating a “symphony orchestra” of fireworks and music, taking the audience through magical emotional journeys. Additionally, the Finnish representative reveals they will bring a surprise – entirely new effect techniques and an unexpected combination of fireworks and water.

Other notable achievements of Joho Pyro

  • 2023: Montreal International Fireworks Competition, Montreal Canada – 1st Place
  • 2019: Da Nang International Fireworks Festival, Da Nang Vietnam – 1st Place
  • 2017: Zagreb International Fireworks, Zagreb Croatia – 1st Place
  • 2016: Festival D’art Pyrotechnique, Cannes, France – 1st Place
  • 2015: Warsaw International Fireworks Festival, Warsaw Poland – 1st Place

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