Discover the ‘Made in Fairyland’ Combo: The greatest combo for visitors to Da Nang in 2024

Discover the ‘Made in Fairyland’ Combo: The greatest combo for visitors to Da Nang in 2024

Da Nang enters the vibrant summer season with a lot of exciting tourist activities organized, along with countless fun experiences awaiting visitors. Besides notable events like the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival – DIFF 2024, famous destinations like Sun World Ba Na Hills or Asia Park are all introducing exciting events, eagerly awaiting visitors to visit.

Get your most convenient combo for this summer at Da Nang with “Made in Fairyland” combo

In the welcoming atmosphere of DIFF 2024 – the most notable event in Da Nang this summer, the “Made in Fairyland” Combo has been introduced, promising to offer the most comprehensive experience for visitors. Specifically, when purchasing this Combo, visitors will experience the full package of the two most attractive destinations, including:

  • Ticket for A1 grandstand at Da Nang International Fireworks Festival – DIFF 2024
  • Entrance ticket to Sun World Ba Na Hills
  • Priority access privilege at Sun World Ba Na Hills
All most exciting experiences of Da Nang this summer in just one combo “Made in Fairyland”

Travelers can apply a discount of up to 12% when purchasing the “Made in Fairyland” Combo directly through the website:

When visiting Da Nang in the summer, both DIFF 2024 and Sun World Ba Na Hills are experiences that are not to be missed. Therefore, the “Made in Fairyland” combo can be considered the ultimate experience package, offering travelers the chance to fully enjoy the essence of this coastal city. Additionally, with the “Made in Fairyland” Combo, travelers can quickly experience Ba Na thanks to the priority access privilege, saving time waiting at the cable car, especially during the peak summer tourist season.

Exciting Experience Series at Sun World Ba Na Hills this Summer

In the vibrant summer painting, with golden sunlight covering the top of Ba Na mountain, we are all ready for the “Ba Na Sun Festival” – a series of exciting summer events and activities at Sun World Ba Na Hills. Let’s explore the wonderful festivals and prepare your journey full of excitement at Ba Na in the coming summer months.

The Beer festival – B’estival (June – August)

The eagerly awaited annual fun event at Ba Na – The Beer festival – B’Estival will return to Beer Plaza in June. Throughout the 3-month festival, cold beers will accompany you on your journey to explore Sun World Ba Na Hills. Don’t forget to enjoy delicious dishes such as Dutch sausages and BBQ, immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere with passionate performances by artists, or participate in special activities like enjoy Happy Hour discounts of up to 30%. Especially, the SunKraft Beer brand, along with craft beer brew house – Ba Na Brew House – will also be officially launched on June 13, promising to bring the “best” fun on the top of Ba Na.

Sun Fest Fair ( June – August)

Throughout the day, the vibrant and exciting atmosphere never fades thanks to the Sun Fest. Here, you can stroll with friends and family in the diverse culinary space, choose cute souvenirs, experience and learn about the local specialties. Little hint: Sun Fest also offers experiences to take care of and improve your health after a year of hard work.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 6 người và văn bản

International Arts Festival (June – July)

The “blockbuster” artistic performance with an unprecedented scale, an international-class stage with the top names in the world of art will officially appear at Ba Na,… all will together create the most anticipated show of this summer: the International Arts Festival.

Going beyond the audience’s expectations for a performance, breaking through the limitations that a stage in Vietnam can bring, the International Arts Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills promises to take you to entirely new artistic horizons. Here, the audience will witness a series of performances featuring iconic acts, record-breaking feats that have made the world’s Top 1 artists in circus, magic renowned, through 3 main stages.

Ba Na Hills elevates the stage of art with world-class performances


The most notable is the opening show WOW Kingdom – the “grand feast” of circus and magic at the Sun Square. With a duration of 35 minutes, the show will immerse the audience in a surreal world, under the guidance of the legendary Maestro Voronin, bringing together more than 30 international artists. With 6 outstanding performances, WOW Kingdom promises to bring a harmonious blend of the highest performing arts disciplines, showcasing the skill, agility, and sophistication of the world’s top artists.

World-renowned Comedy Magician Maestro Voronin will also be present at Ba Na this summer


Fairy Blossom is also one of the notable names in this series of performances. This is a grand theatrical production, the largest scale at Ba Na this summer, bringing together over 300 artists, circus performers, dancers, and actors. Of particular note is the appearance of Oleg Izossimov, known as the “Prince of Sword,” who holds the undefeated world record in balancing; along with Olga Moreva, the queen of aerial silk dancing with breathtaking, emotional and eye-catching performances.

The stage at Sun World Ba Na is ready to welcome world-class dance performances


The finale of the International Arts Festival, audiences will witness “a phenomenon rarer than a total solar eclipse” – The Stellar. This is a unique experiential journey, exclusively available at Ba Na. The show aims to bring the quintessence of the world’s performance industry to Vietnam, while honoring art, honoring the artist’s talent and appreciating true life values.

Featuring in the show are iconic names that are no strangers to the global entertainment industry, such as the Voronin family – Maestro Voronin – the legendary master of comedic magic, the king of Dinner Shows, and Maxim Voronin – the prodigy of circus magic, also the youngest director of Cirque Tour in the world; the Crystal Ladies – the famous twin stars of Cirque De Soleil who caused a stir on social media worldwide when appearing on The Ellen Show; Anastasiia Popsulys – the rising star of the circus world, the First Face of international festivals…

With a series of unprecedented activities and events, Sun World Ba Na Hills has become one of the top choices for both domestic and international tourists this summer. Book the Made in Fairyland combo now, enjoy up to 12% off, immerse yourself in DIFF 2024, and experience the exciting Sun World Ba Na Hills with just one click at:

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